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Hannah Broadway’s Profile

Hannah likes drawing. She also likes playing secondhand board games, eating marmite, the colour red, jewellery, a good pen, Felix, mooching around junk shops, being read to, dancing in the kitchen and making lists.

Hannah is an illustrator and designer, she does quite a lot of different stuff; from producing artwork for public commissions like a 73m wide giant banner in the harbourside, or large scale murals for the NHS to producing publicity for theatre and bars, designing branding & logos, as well as creating picture books.

Hannah’s first book, Dog Day, was published in 2008, and received some very good reviews indeed:

‘The artwork establishes a rhythmic interplay between words and images, as they become compositional elements that inform and complement one another.’ Kirkus (starred)
‘Colorful full-page illustrations add to the dog gone good fun. Particularly well done are the stacked faces that show a group of children and create depth in the flatly colored artwork.’ School Library Review
‘Rich blocks of color and simple illustrations bring this quirky story to life. This, along with the oddball concept and the many funny moments, will hook young readers.’ The Oklahoman

Recently, Hannah has drawn pictures for four new picture books featuring the adorable monkey and robot characters written by her husband, Felix Hayes, published by Bloomsbury in 2011.


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